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As of: 11 May, 2017

- The Wedge -

WDG Barigo 140 Kopie 1,5cm n

 shown with Barigo Altimeter

Altimeter Mount
a special development for the
Golden Knights

The Wedge TM
Pat. Pend.

made and distributed in Europe by LookMa® PARAPHERNALIA
under the licence of
 Mike Daughtry, FL, USA.

WDG Back Altim II 140 Kopie 1,5cm n

 with Altimaster II Altimeter

Congratulations ! !

We would like to congratulate and say THANKS to the ChutingStar-Team in Atlanta, Deland und Rockmart for their promotion- and sales success of selling our  “straight”- and “slanted”-Mudflap Wedges in the States.
And we thank them in particular for selling those Wedges with
serial number 500 und 600.

ChutingStar Enterprises, Inc.
1-770-445-4000 (Phone)
1-770-445-4099 (Fax)
Chutingstar.com (Skype)

ChutingStar Enterprises, Inc.
1349 Old U.S. 41 NW, Suite 105, Marietta, GA 30060-7929, USA

Description of the WedgeTM

Unfortunatilly all altimeter mounts, which are attached to the cheststrap, tend to move to the left or to the right, as well as up- and down, thus making it impossible to check the altitude at a quick glance.
While using a full-face helmet, the chin part of the helmet obstructs also a clear view on the altimeter. The only way to see the altimeter is then to bend the head downwards, resulting in cupping air, which in turn creates an unavoidable floating position.

A cheststrap mounted altimeter is during tight exits always in the way and becomes uncomfortable and even hazardous to wear.
Also facial injuries might occur during hard openings, as well as chest injuries during a possible bad landing

As LookMa® Paraphernalia is serving not only the expert RW skydivers, we had to listen to all of our friends and customers and they came up with valid remarks and concerns, which in turn, we incorporated in the Euro-version of the Wedge.

First of all we included a little stretch pocket on the back of The Wedge, which may be filled with a variable spacer made out of  closed-foam, in order to correct for any altimeter misalignment due to different rig configurations and body proportions. 

Also our standard version includes an
2” Uni-Loop and is attached with an elastic strap. Now the cheststrap can be routed thru this 2” Uni-Loop, keeping the mount close to the boby. Especially Free-Flyers appreciate this feature as the mount is not pushed up by the wind anymore, while standing up.
The elastic strap may be ajusted in length with a variable Velcro attachment, to handle different rig configurations.

As the “Flat-Flyers” rarely need this feature, it is possible to remove the Uni-Loop by simply opening the Velcro® attachment.
Now it looks more or less like the original  “Golden Knights” Version again.

The mount can quickly and easily be installed onto most rigs. It is flexible in order to prevent injuries and to enable tight exits

All Velcro® straps are delivered with extra length to fit to most comercially available parachute rigs. After installing the mount onto the rig, the access Velcro® may be shortened with a pair of regular siccors. No fraying will occur.

The actuall altimeter may be attached to The Wedge with the supplied cord and the special heavy duty cord-lock.
Backplates with little screws, like on an Altimaster IV, may be used as well. The cord and cord-lock become then obsolete.

Like the other LookMa® Products, The Wedge is also equipped with the typical LookMa® initials label to avoid ownership confusion.

Hand mounted altimeters do also have their problems if it comes to safety and comfort.
Sit-Flyers even have to give up their stable position by bringing their arms in forward, in order to check the altitude. And looking at the altimeter while tracking away is vitually impossible.

In the past, also the US-Army Team, 
the Golden Knights, faced these problems.
Mike Daughtry, at that time a member of the
Knights, developped then this unique altimeter mount in order to avoid all the above described problems.
The Wedge is normally mounted on the left mudflap of the rig. This is done with double layered Velcro® tape.
By mounting an altimeter in this location, it will
not interfear and is clearly visable.

WDG assy 140  Kopie 2,5cm n

 shown with Altimaster II altimeter

The Wedge: the universal
RW / SIT-FLY altimeter mount:
- Made out of 50 mm webbing and
  stiffener plate as well as a specially
  heat treated stainless steel sheet
  metal spring.
- 2” (50mm) UniLoop for cheststrap
           (Reducerloops 2” to 1” ( 50/25mm)
           available upon request w/o charge)
- Stretch-Pocket with spacerfoam piece.
- Attachment cord with heavy-duty
- Manual

As a standard The Wedge is to be mounted on the left mud-flap, in other words: on the cheststrap attachment side (not the buckle side).
Customized versions are available.
Some WINGS Rigs have the buckle on the left side.
Therefore please indicate rig manufacturer and location of chest strap buckle when ordering.

Standard mounting position on the left mudflap (See. dwg above).
   (Or per special request on the right side mudflap, please indicate if required).

Art. #: 92106-black                                                          € 45,00 
( € 37,81 w/o VAT)
Art. #: 92106-............. (please indicate color)                         € 50,00 ( € 42,01 w/o VAT)
Special for ATOM / Talon Rigs
Art. #: 92107-black                                                        € 45,00
( € 37,81 w/o VAT)
Art. #: 92107-............. (please indicate color)                                  € 50,00 ( € 42,01 w/o VAT)            

Special design for WINGS, VECTOR and any other rig with slanted mudflaps
Art. #: 92108-black                                                        € 50,00
( € 42,01 w/o VAT)
Art. #: 92108-............. (please indicate color)                                  € 55,00 ( € 46,21 w/o VAT)

Mounting plate for Saphire altimeter                           € 30,00 ( € 25,21 w/o VAT)
     Mounting plate out of dural aluminium. 
Mounting plate manufacturing dwg.                          €  12,00 ( €  10,08 w/o VAT)
   A mounting plate is most likely neccessary for mounting the Saphire to the Wedge. 

Now available in the following colors:

TOP: black (is our standard), navy, royal, lightblue, babyblue.         
BOTTOM: yellow, violet, orange, white.
! available in
RED too !


DigiPouch for digital altimeters like; GFX, Neptune, VISO:
Pouch with clear plastic screen, Spandex® and Velcro® attachment straps,
as well as a PVC stiffener plate for the Wedge and angle adjustment foam wedge.                                         
Art. #: 92110                                                                  € 30,00
( € 20,21 w/o VAT.)

In case, that your WEDGE is of an oder style and is not equipped with the Loop-Velcro® pouch underneath the altimeter suporting area, we can offer a Wedge-“Update” including a new DigiPouch for:                                                               € 35,00
( € 29,41 w/o VAT)

Altitrack Mounting Set

Altitrack Mounting Set for The Wedge.

The Altitrack altimeter of Larsen & Brusgard can now be attached to the Wedge.
You can do settings and readings of the digital display on the bottom of the Altitrack by opening the side squeeze buckle underneath the supporting area of the Wedge.

Art. #: 92112    € 25,00 
( € 21,01 w/o VAT)

We are sorry, but the SST Racer does not allow “The Wedge” to be mounted onto the rig.
This is due to the fact that the bottom of the mudflap is sewn together with the main webbing.

The Mudflaps needs to be open at the bottom and at the top in order for “The Wedge”
to be mounted.

Please contact us so we can send you our WEDGE order form

Plus packaging, shipping and shipping insurance charges.
Please request details for your country.

Simple installation of a wide variety of altimeters possible by means of the included attachment cord and heavy duty cord-lock,

WDG Montage Barigo Kopie 1,5cm n
WDG Montage Altimaster II Kopie 1,5cm n
The Wedge

US customers:
please contact Mike Gruwell at Chuting Star / GA direct
 at his e-mail address: 

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
GB 118 Kopie 0,35cm
PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
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The Wedge
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