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As of: 26 Feb. 2010

- Speet-WeightsTM für Canopy Pilots -


quick breaker system 127

New Swoop weight limitation regulations
require effective weight placement !
Considder using our SpeetWeights

Only highly experienced canopy pilots should consider using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

After many practice jumps, they might dramatically improve their swooping performance, but should at all times be aware of the dangers of using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM

As the weights are now located much lower than ever before. the speed of your turns is now dramatically increased and this with a much lower total weight. This in turn will then give you an advantage at speed and distance rounds, as you don’t have to carry as much weight over the track, than before

Be aware of the dangers that arise from using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.
- Walking and running becomes already very difficult.
- A stable exit from an aircraft becomes very difficult.
- A stable parachute opening position becomes very difficult.
- Flying and landing your parachute will become extremely dangerous.
- You might lose these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM., which may cause damage to the aircraft, persons and objects

Warranties: NO WARRANTIES *
Due to the nature of skydiving and the Canopy-Piloting-Sport in particular, these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM will have to endure severe beatings and abuse. Therefore we do not warrant against ANY defects on these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, nor can we be held responsible for any damages, injuries or death that might occur to the user, to others, or to any objects, while using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, whatever the initial cause might be.
*) none used faulty products will of course be exchanged, corrected or repaired free of charge.

Every jumper is responsible for his own gear and therefore also for his SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

Speet-WeightsTM,  Medium
incl. 5 removable weights at approx. 0,3 kg each

Speet-WeightsTM,  Small
incl. 4 removable weights at approx. 0,3 kg each



Base weight

Extra kg / Foot

max. kg/

max. kg/


Price / Set










29 cm -> 33 cm
11.4 " -> 13"

1,5 kg
3.3 #

4 x 0,3 = 1,2 kg
4 x 0.6 # = 2.4 #

2,7 kg
5.7 #

5,4 kg
11.4 #


118,00 Euro
( 117,65 Euro)


32 cm -> 36 cm
12.6" -> 14.17"

1,7 kg
3.75 #

5 x 0,3 = 1,5 kg
5 x 0.6 # = 3.3 #

3,2 kg
7.05 #

6,4 kg
14.11 #


155,00 Euro
( 130,25 Euro)









One Speet-WeightTM Set comprises out of two foot-weights (LH & RH) incl. QRS and the appropriate number of removable 0.3 kg weights.

Click here to find out the current exchange rates

On the inside you will find an “Initials” label for ease of identification.
See upper right hand corner.

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Although the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM are equipped with a specially designed Quick-Release System for unintentional water-landings, we highly recommend to wear additional floatation gear, while jumping near an open body of water. Read USPA directives.
See warning label underneath the extra-weight cover.

Underneath the extra-weight cover of the other SpeetWeight, you will find an address label in order for you to write down your address.
TM carries an Art.-Nr. and a Serial-Nr., which can be found on the address label.

All prices include the German sales tax of 19% , Shipping costs will be added.
Carrier: GLS incl. insurance of up to  Euro 767,00

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
GB 118 Kopie 0,35cm
PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
Main View 306 Kopie 1,8 cm n
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