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As of: 18 Sept. 2010

- Silk Liner Gloves -

Pure silk liner gloves !

For colder days, we now offer 100 % pure silk liner gloves, which may be worn inside your LookMa® Skydiving gloves (or similar gloves)

Lightweight, low bulk thermal liner gloves made out of 100% pure silk.
-  Smooth face fabric reduces friction
   between liner and outer glove.
-  Strong as equivalent filament of steel
- Can stretch up to 20% of original size
-  Soaks up to 30% of its weight in
-  Seamless palm.
-  100% pure silk.

Silk means warmth and insulation without weight or bulk. Silk has a natural wicking motion transferring hand perspiration away from the hand's surface leaving the hand dry and therefore comfortable and warm. Silk is as strong as the equivalent filament of steel, making it an ideal durable fabric for inner gloves.

Liner Gloves;  Color: black (only)   Sizes: S, M, L, XL.   Art. # 92123   Price € 13,00  (w/o VAT € 10,92 )

Please note that our the minimum order value is 25,00 Euros

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