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As of: 14 Mar. 2014

- Gearbag -

This complete Skydiving Transportsystem is equipped with numerous attachment points for most other LookMa® Paraphernalia Products and was designed with the “no compromise” phylosophy in mind.

NEW: Backpack shoulder carrying system with two settings to cater to small as well as tall skydivers.
NEW: More attachment points for the new LookMa® Paraphernalia accessories.
NEW: The inner netting pouch may now also be attached to the front of the GB.
NEW: On the top of the GB is a 5th. compresion strap installed, which allows the inner netting pouch to be installed on the outside and gives better volume control.
NEW: A second inner netting pouch is now offered as an additional accessory.
NEW: deeper letter size (DIN A-4) front pocket a 270° water tight zipper for better access to the various inside pockets and the Light-Knife.
NEW: Airline-ticket pocket in on the front of the GB is now made out of watertight mesh (polyurathane coating) and is equipped with a water tight zipper.

The center of gravity can now easilly be pulled close to the body with the long pull-straps.
Three handles of which one is rubber coated.
Many adjustment featured for easy carrying.
Inside compression straps with mesh pockets.
Many closed cell foam areas for protection and comfort.
The main # 10 zipper opens close to 360° and allows complete access to the inside of the GB.
The main zipper runners are equipped with eyelets for attaching the supplied number lock.
An expansion zipper system allows the complete GB to be widened by approx. 4 cm ( 1
3/4” ).
The 3 mm Bungee Cord on the front, allows fast stowing of clothing.
Standard color: black, (custom colors available)

Thanks to the standardized design, it is possible to meet
most of your packing requirements.
Please call for availability of custom colors and custom designs.

GB 30454 - 137 Kopie 2cm
GB 30454 open - 137 Kopie 1,45cm

Take a look at the pictures
in the manual:

Address Lbl 124 Kopie 1,5 cm n

The typical LookMa® full-address label is mounted on a pull-out tab and located behind the 3-D mesh on the back of the gearbag.

Separate address tags, displaying the owners name only unless opened, are available as accessory.

GB Accessories

How to choose the correct GearBag size:

In most cases, only the height of the rig should determine the size of the gearbag. It will then still hold 2 to 3 umpsuits, 2 sweaters, a softhead, goggles (see Krrops® case, Art. # 35101 ), gloves and lots of small items like rubberbands, emergency rigging tools, pencils, logbook, magazines, etc.
And in case you need even more room, just open the extention zipper and you will get approx. 1
3/4” more in width.
It has shown, that most of the time the gearbag may be chosen one size smaller than what it appears to be at first sight.

                                     EXTRA-SMALL:       height 48 cm (18
                                     SMALL:                   height 50 cm (19
                                     MEDIUM:                height 54 cm (21
                                     LARGE:                   height 58 cm (22

A custom design for example for a Tandem-Rig is possible. Please contact us !

Prices for GearBag with anti-theft steel wire and numberlock.

Size: XS: Height: 48 cm, depth / extension: 19 / 4 cm, Width: top / bottom: 31 / 37 cm
              Art.-Nr.  30448                                      315,00 Euro
( € 264,71 w/o Sales Tax)

Größe: S, Height: 50 cm, depth / extension: 19 / 4 cm, Width: top / bottom: 32 / 38 cm
             Art.-Nr.   30450                                 320,00 Euro
( € 268,91 w/o Sales Tax)

Größe: M, Height: 54 cm, depth / extension: 19 / 4 cm, Width: top / bottom: 33 / 39 cm
             Art.-Nr.   30454                                       335,00 Euro
( € 281,51 w/o Sales Tax)

Größe: L, Height: 58 cm, depth / extension: 20 / 4 cm, Width: top / bottom: 34 / 40 cm
             Art.-Nr.   30458                                     345,00 Euro
( € 289,92 w/o Sales Tax.)

Custom made GearBags

Material: Cordura® Rippstop,
             Color black webbing: black                            Standard,       see prices above
Material: any other color than black                                  
             Color (please call), webbing: black             plus      40,00 Euro
( € 33,61 w/o VAT)

Bindingtape on the front of the GearBag
             Color: black                                                    Standard,       see prices above
             Color: practically all Bally Ribbon colors    plus       30,00 Euro
( €  25,21 w/o VAT)

Allways check for latest prices in the German section.

Plus packaging, shipping and shipping insurance charges.
Please request details for your country.

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
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