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As of: 19 Apr.. 2002

- Loading the GearBag -

The following guide on how to pack your GearBag is a recommendation only. There will be other practical methods as well, but we found this way to be the best for our purpose.
If you found a better or special solution on how to load your GearBag, we would appreciate to hear from you.

GB Inhalt 142 Kopie 8 cm n

 1.  Open your GearBag zipper all the way and lay it, with both halfs opened, flat on the ground.
Other than common gear bags, we designed our GearBag in such a way, that it can be opened fully. This allows an significant relieve while loading your GearBag.

2. Bend the leg straps upwards and slip over each shoulder section. Then place the rig, harnass facing upwards, into the main compartment.

3. Fill the area between and underneath the main lift webs with items like shoes, softhead, goggle- or  weightvestpouch. Use the gray webbing loops or the Uni-Loops to attach the LookMa® weightvestpouch.

4. Fold your jumpsuit, while keeping the height of the GearBag in mind and make sure to keep the bulky parts like booties and grippers on either side of the rig, thus filling the space at the side walls of the GearBag.
Close the buckles of the compression strapping system and tighten, while holding the bulky parts to either side.. Fill the pouches with small items like rubber bands, etc.

5. Open the mesh pouch zipper in the lid compartment all the way and stow items like warm suit , sweatshirt, etc. Make sure to pack as wide as possible in order to have the space left and right of the rig, filled properly after closing the GearBag.

6. Lift the mesh pouch at the top and stow additional items underneath. Then close the 3 buckles and tighten the straps.
In the upper part of the lid you will find loops for attaching LookMa® accessories like the LookMa® Accessory pouch and / or the LookMa® Kroops®-Case

7. Other garments and or items should now be placed in the remaining space left and right of the rig.

GB noch offen 142 5 cm n Kopie

9. While compressing the bag with your legs, carefully close the zipper on one side all the way to the top. Then lift the bag, turn it around horizontally and close the other side of the zipper all the way to the top Take care as not to snagg any items with the zipper runners.

GB gepackt 142 3,8 cm n Kopie
GB Deckel mit Netztasche 142 4 cm n Kopie

Shown above is the netting bag and the optional goggle pouch:
 Kroops®-Case Art.-Nr. 35101

8. Now flip the lid over onto the main compartment, then take with your left hand the top handle on the main compartment and with your right hand the webbing loop for the HelmetBag and bring the GearBag in an upright position and hold/squeeze it between your legs.

Kopie von GB schließen RV 142 5 cm n Kopie

10.  After closing the # 10 zipper, lift the GearBag several times vigereously by the top handle: the items in the bag will slip downwards and more space becomes available at the top of the bag.
Open the # 10 zipper at the top and stow additional items.

11.  Now lay the GearBag flat on the ground (3D-mesh facing downwards) and close the buckles of the five compression straps.

12.  On the front of the bag you will find a magazine-sized pouch and a water tight urathene coated mesh pouch for airline ticket or similar. Both are equipped with a water tight zipper, for easy access to documents while in transit.

13. If you have also the LookMa® HelmetBag, attach it now to the webbing loop at the top of the lid. Then route the fixation strap around the two lower main buckles of the GearBag and tighten.14. Pull the compression straps tight untill the bag becomes its regidity. 
The bag itself does not have any stiffeners and is completely flexible when empty. Your rig will act as a stiffener when the compression straps are pulled tight. When pulled tight, also the heavy duty, main # 10 zipper will be relieved.

15.  On the front of the GearBag you will find a bungee cord system for easy short time storage of items like jackets, sweaters, etc., while in transit.

16.  NOTICE: Although the GearBag was designed as “carry-on” luggage, it will not always meet the requirements of all airlines. The allowed sizes differ from airline to airline.
We recommend the following procedure for your “carry-on” application:
- stow only your rig and other absolutely needed items in your GearBag.
- stow the shoulder carrying system in its compartment on the back behind the 3D-mesh.
-then tighten the five compression straps as tight as possible, while taking care as not to over bend your rig´s cable housings.
Now you can carry the GearBag on board the airplane as a briefcase by using the main side handle.
The GearBag looks now rather small and doing it this way, we have not experienced any problems with our bag while trying to get it on board an aircraft with our “carry-on” luggage.

GB Schultergurt Verstellung 142 4 cm n Kopie

17.  As a standard, the new 2002 Version is now equipped with an adjustable shoulder attachment point with two position.


18.  And in addition, the complete shoulder carrying system may now be disconnected, thanks to the Quick-Attach-System.

19.  If you wish to attach your LookMa® PackingMat with the packingmat attachment system (option) to the GearBag, just open the upper buckle and slip the Packingmat underneath the lower strap.

20.Connect the upper buckle again and tighten the straps in such a way that the buckles stay in the center of the GearBag front.

 22. The GearBag is now packed and ready to be used as a backpack, motorcycle backpack with the optional LookMa® HipBelt, suit-case or carrying case with the optional LookMa® ShoulderStrap.
ATTENTION: If you use the LookMa® GearBag on a motorcycle, make sure to close the # 10 zipper and secure it with the supplied number-lock.

21.  In order to lift the GearBag in the trunk of your car, we have incorporated a lifting handle on the bottom of the front part of the GearBag. Use both the upper and lower handle to lift the GearBag in the trunk. Lifting the bag becomes now much easier.

GB Expansions-RV 142 3 cm n Kopie

22.  In case that at the end of a day of jumping, you don´t feel much like packing your GearBag in a neat manner as discribed above, just open the expansion zipper and the Gearbag is now approx. 5 cm (1”) deeper.
Now you just fill the GearBag any way you like it.

See the expansion in the picture on the left, just above the grommet.

Attaching the Mesh-Pouch to the front of your GearBag.

The inner mesh-pouch or an additional mesh-pouch, may also be attached to the front. All attachment points are equal to the ones inside the bag.
(a 2nd. mesh-pouch can be purchased as an option. See GearBag Accessories).

GB mit Netztasche aussen 142 5 cm n Kopie

This picture shows the mesh-pouch
being attached to the front.

GB Front Zugang 142 5 cm n Kopie

Thanks to the special attachment system, it is still  possible to get to the various pockets located on the front of the GearBag..

Connecting the Mesh-Pouch to the inside or outside of the GearBag.

- Lay the mesh-pouch inside or on the front of the GearBag.
- Slip the lower Quick-Attach-System straps up thru the Uni-Loops (not down).
- Slip the Quick-Attach-System points of the compression straps down thru the 4 Uni-Loops.
  The “hooks” of the Quick-Attach-System points should face to the sides of the GearBag.
- Now slip the 4 Quick-Attach-System points down into the 4 Uni-loops of the mesh-pouch.
- Pull the compression straps tight and make sure that the “hooks” of the Quick-Attach-System
  points are held by the Uni-Loops.
- Close the upper buckle and pull the strap tight as required.

Loading the Mesh-Pouch:

- Losen the tension on the compression straps or open the buckles.
- Open the zipper of the mesh-pouch.
- Load the mesh-pouch as flat as possible, but try to locate bulky parts like sweatshirt sleeves
  to the outside (left and right) in the pouch.
- Close the zipper.
- Tighten the compression straps again.

Utilizing the space underneath the Mesh-Pouch:

- First losen the compression straps and then disconnect the upper buckle.
- Now fold the mesh-pouch downwards as much as possible.
- The space underneath the mesh-pouch is now free accessable and can hold further garments
  like sweaters, etc.
- Or, when the mesh-pouch is mounted on the front of the GearBag, you now can get to the large
  letter-size pocket and or the airline-ticket compartment.
- When finished, close the 3 buckles and retighten the compresion straps.

How to use the anti-theft wire

1. Close the # 10 zipper of the GearBag and
   make sure that the runners are in the
   vecinity of the # 4 grommets.
2. Slip the number-lock thru the eyelets of the
   runners ( upwards)
3. Pull the yellow steel cable out from
   underneath its cover.
4. Slip one of the loops of the yellow steel
   cable onto the lock.
5. Now route the other loop of the yellow steel
   cable around a fixed object like a tree,
   lamppost or bench.
6.Then attach this loop to the number-lock as
7. Lock the number-lock by rotating the
   number-wdials a few notches.

GB gesichert 142 5 cm n Kopie

Your LookMa® Gearbag is now secured against theft
and the main compartment is locked as well.

PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
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