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As of: 29 July 2014

- Canopy Piloting Dive-Loops -

Dive-Loops NOT ONLY for Swooper.

These Dive-Loops are made out of 1” wide Tubular-Webbing (# 8444-1”) and are filled with a special material, which guarantees long lasting flexibility.
This will allow the Dive-Loops to open up all the way (see picture) and this way you will be able to reach up without looking and get a secure and comfortable grip onto the front risers.

A Dive-Loop set consists out of two identical Dive-Loops, which should be sewn onto your front risers by a rigger.

These Dive-Loops are always available in black
and in red.
Other colors: depending on availability.

Canopy Piloting Dive-Loops
incl. Sewing-Instructions)

Art. #: 94301-black          € 25,00  ( € 21,00  w/o VAT.)
Art. #: 94302+”Color”      € 30,00 ( € 25,21 w/o VAT.)

Lead time :    approx. 2 weeks

To Dive-Loop
Sewing Instr.

Pecial Canopy Piloting Dive-Loops to attach to the softlinks and to be sewn in place

Art. #: 94306-black          € 30,00 
( € 25,21  w/o VAT.)
Art. #: 94307+”Color”      € 35,00 ( € 29,41 w/o VAT.)

Lead time :    approx. 2 weeks

All prices include the German sales tax of 19% , Shipping costs will be added.
Carrier: GLS incl. insurance of up to  Euro 767,00

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WV 2x3 fem 118 Kopie 0,4cm
GB 118 Kopie 0,35cm
PM 118 Kopie 0,5cm
WDG 140 Kopie 0,4cm
HB 119 Kopie 0,6cm
Main View 306 Kopie 1,8 cm n
To Dive-Loop
Sewing Instr.
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