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- Flatpack Packingmat for B.A.S.E. Canopies -
[ utility patents 299 02 859.3 and 299 18 723.3 ]

A B.A.S.E. packingmat should be large enough to pack your B.A.S.E. canopy on it, but it should be light and should have a small packing volume as it is going most likely to be carried into the mountains.
It should also be possible to secure it on to a rocky surface and there should be ample room for typical B.A.S.E. packing tools.
Below you will find the result of this new development and we thank our field-testers Walter Hilscher und Tobi Scherrinsky for their input.

Thanks to the low weight and small packing volume it would even be possible to do your B.A.S.E. jump while carrying this packingmat, so you can pack right away after landing. However we don’t have any field reports for this procedure and we urge you to be extremely carefull,, when making a B.A.S.E. jump with the packingmat.

Packingmat specs:
Overall length:      7,00 m (approx.:23’ )
Width upper end:   3,40 m (approx.:10’ 6”)
Width lower end:   0,45 m (approx.:1’ 6”)
Length trapezoid:  5,80 m (approx.:18’ 0”)
Packing size:      Ø 15cm x 50 cm (Ø  6” x 1’ 7”)
Weight:              2,3 kg (approx. 5 lbs.)


Rig, lines and canopy are protected against dirt.

Your equipment can quickly be protected against the sun, rain and dust: just flip the upper part of the mat over your rig and canopy.

The packingmat is made out of high quality and low weight expedition tent floor material.

All Stresspoints are reinforced with light weight Nylon or Polyester fabric.
At the upper end of the packingmat (there where you need it) you will find two pockets for typical B.A.S.E. tools.

We use durable # 6 coil-zippers for the 6 pockets.

Your rig will be held in place by two ¾” webbing straps with buckles.

There are various ways of securing the packingmat to the ground (see below).

Standard color: black

At the upper end of the mat and that is there where you need them, we have placed two tool-pockets, which are large enough to hold packing clamps.

Several ways to secure the packing mat to the ground:
1- Slip stones as weights into the zippered pockets at the four corners:
   two pockets at the lower end and one each at the upper left- and upper right-end of the packingmat.
2- Use stakes or large nails, together with the ¾” webbing straps
   (stakes and/or large nails are not part of our scope of supply).
3- Tie the ¾” webbing straps to a tree, a bush a rock, or whatever you may find.

Picture below:
Both lower corners are equiped with ¾” webbing straps with buckles and with gusseted and zippered pockets for weights (stones) to secure the packingmat on the ground.

Picture above:
Both upper corners are also equiped with ¾” webbing straps with buckles and with gusseted and zippered pockets for weights (stones) to secure the packingmat on the ground.

Address Lbl 124 Kopie 1,5 cm n

Packing size: Ø 12cm x 50 cm (Ø  5” x 1’ 7”)
Weight:        2,5 kg (approx. 5.5 lbs.)

Address label included

Although this packingmat was specially designed for B.A.S.E. canopies,
it can of course also be used to pack regular canopies.

B.A.S.E. Packingmat with weight and toolpockets

Designed for canopies of up to approx. 300 Sqft.
Dimensions: lower width: 0,45 m (approx.:1’ 6”); upper width 3,40 m (approx.:10’ 6”)
length of the trapezoid: 5,80 m (approx.:18’ 0”), Total length: 7,00 m (approx.:23’ )
Total length: 700 cm,                             Art.-Nr.   20670           225,00 Euro
( € 189,08 oh. MwSt.)

Upper corners in custom color (please check for availability)              
                                                             Art.-Nr.  20671              30,00  Euro
(€   25,21 oh. MwSt.)

Plus packaging, shipping and shipping insurance charges.
Please request details for your country.

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

GB 118 Kopie 0,35cm
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