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nothing is that perfect 127

It all began with a personal need for a special backpack. That was in the year 1965.
The market was only able to meet special requirements up to a certain point.
But at that time, just like today, I needed more.
That was when the decision was made to design and manufacture a unique and special backpack.

Over the years, the individual requirements of our customers were heard and many useful items and accessories were developed and marketed.
And uniqueness in design and function continued over the years and will also into the future.

Consistent communication with our customers is most important to our philosophy.
But this holds true with our suppliers as well.
Visiting a wide range of trade shows enables us to choose the latest materials, components and manufacturing methods, resulting in the best possible products.

We use our own products daily, which allows us to critically observe functionality, ergonomics, as well as wear and tear over longer periods of time.
We are quick to notice, whether a new component serves an important need and withstands rigorous use and thanks to our small manufacturing lots, new ideas, improvements and changes can be made rapidly if required.

We encourage, and are thankful, when customers challenge us with their special needs and wishes. These demands are an important part of the motor, which keeps our development department in action.

Being a small, specialized company, we are in the pleasant position of continually evolving our products and creating innovative designs, while maintaining the typical LookMa® Paraphernalia identity.
This is our goal, just as it has been for so many years now.

For us, pride in our products, customer’s satisfaction and service is more important than profitability.
® Paraphernalia products are manufactured with high-class materials and sound manufacturing methods so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.
Although the success of the LookMa
® product line is undisputable, our motto remains:

nothing is that perfect 127
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