LookMa® 126-4
German sales tax
NOT applicable 
for export to 
none-EU countries.
See price w/o sales 
tax next to list price.

As of: 22 Feb. 2003

- Ordering -

Dear Customer,

Due to the constant improvements, changing availability of materials and colours and the present change to the EURO, we urge you to send us an e-mail with any questions you might have in regard to our products, or on the procedure on how to purchase any items listed on the LookMa® website

Please send your e-mail to: frank@lookma.de or when our office is unattended, please mail to: frankvangelder@web.de

Ofcourse, it is also possible to contact us by phone:
+49 2526 939420, or fax: +49 2526 939421

We will gladly assist you in determining the right product for you and would highly appreciate to be able to talk to you in person on the phone.

blue skies

Frank van Gelder

P.S. Please note our “OUT OF THE OFFICE” information, which is to be found in the German section under “Aktuelles”.
Please scroll press: “Aktuelles”

As of now, you can also place your orders by direct E-Mail.
The previously required Orderform with your signature,
 is not necessary anymore, but may be used in the future as well.
Please make sure that you give us all data for the relevant LookMa®
 product, so we can start on your order without any delay.

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