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- SpeetWeightsTM -



Only highly experienced canopy pilots should consider using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.
After many practice jumps, they might dramatically improve their swooping performance, but should at all times be aware of the dangers of using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

Be aware of the dangers that arise from using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.
- Walking and running becomes already very difficult.
- A stable exit from an aircraft becomes very difficult.
- A stable parachute opening position becomes very difficult.
- Flying and landing your parachute will become extremely dangerous.
- You might lose these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, which may cause damage to the aircraft, persons and objects.

Warranties: NO WARRANTIES *
Due to the nature of skydiving and the Canopy-Piloting-Sport in particular, these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM will have to endure severe beatings and abuse. Therefore we do not warrant against ANY defects on these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, nor can we be held responsible for any damages, injuries or death that might occur to the user, to others, or to any objects, while using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, whatever the initial cause might be.

*) none used faulty products will of course be exchanged, corrected or repaired free of charge.

Every jumper is responsible for his own gear and therefore also for his SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

If you do not accept these terms, please return the unused SPEET-WEIGHTSTM (postage prepaid) to LookMa® Paraphernalia / Germany, or to your local LookMa® dealer, for a full refund.


How to put the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM on:
Make sure you have the correct size for the your circumference of your leg.
A size label is attached to the inside of the extra-weight cover.









Not available yet



32 cm -> 36 cm
12.6" -> 14.17"



29 cm -> 33 cm
11.4 " -> 13"



Not available yet

Width = 16 cm; 5.63” (all sizes)

Turn the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM upside down and shake them with a vertical motion: all lead pellets will move to the “top”.
Place the left- and the right-hand SPEET-WEIGHTSTM on your respective leg, while your legs are in a horizontal position.
The Quick-Release-Handle should be facing outwards and above your jumpsuit.
Left- and the right-hand labels are attached to the inside of the extra-weight cover on the back of the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.
Start fastening the buckles from the “bottom” upwards, while your leg is still in a horizontal position.
Make sure the buckles are securely fastened and that they are completely locked in place.
Adjust the tension and stow the access webbing in their respective keepers.
Stand up and stamp your feet several times onto the ground in order for the pellets to move to the bottom of the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM. These pellets will now adapt to the contour of your ankles and lower legs, making them more comfortable to wear. Also stamping your feet will help to ensure that the buckles are securely fastened.
The female-buckles are attached to the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM by means of elastic webbing for improved comfort. Always make sure that the Quick-Release cable is catching the 2 strands of elastic webbing, otherwise damage to the elastic webbing might occur and the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM may not release properly in case of an emergency.

Making your first jump with the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM:
For safety reasons, start using these SPEET-WEIGHTSTM with its “base-weight” only.
If required, gradually increase the weight from jump to jump, by using the extra-weights, that can be installed in the back of the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM into the special pouches.
Close the extra-weights cover, while wearing the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM on your legs: gently form the cover to the round shape of your leg, then secure the Velcro® closure.

In case of an emergency:
Pull and throw the Quick-Release-Handles away and kick your feet vigorously: the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM will fall off.
Remember: DO NOT wear your SPEET-WEIGHTSTM underneath clothing.

Reinstalling the Quick-Release-Handles:
Undo the female buckle from the male buckle.
Guide a thin suspension line (core removed) thru the elastic loops (always make sure that the Quick-Release cable is catching the 2 strands of elastic webbing, otherwise damage to the elastic webbing might occur).
Then route the suspension line ends thru the female buckle (observe its correct orientation of the buckle).
Push the buckle down to the elastic webbing.
Spread the two ends of the suspension line outwards and the elastic loops will be pulled thru the buckle. 
Push the buckle down all the way with your fingers, while maintaining tension on the suspension line ends with your other hand. Repeat this procedure with the remaining female-buckles.
Insert the yellow Quick-Release cable from the top down and stow the access in the soft-housing.
Slip the 10mm (3/8”) wide keeper, which is attached to the yellow Quick-Release cable handle, underneath the elastic webbing, between the two attachment seams and make sure that the retainer hook is pushed all the way thru. Then pull back, until the retainer hook catches and pull each female buckle until it hits the yellow Quick-Release cable.
You are done.

Although the SPEET-WEIGHTSTM are equipped with a specially designed Quick-Release System for unintentional water-landings, but we highly recommend to wear additional floatation gear, while jumping near an open body of water.
See warning label underneath the extra-weight cover.
Underneath the extra-weight cover of the other foot-weight, you will find an address label to write down your address.
On the outside (facing inwards while in use) you will find an “Initials” label for ease of identification.
Each set of SPEET-WEIGHTSTM carries an Art.-Nr. and a Serial-Nr. And can be found on the address label. If you have purchased your SPEET-WEIGHTSTM thru a LookMa® dealer; please send us a copy of this page, with your full name and address, so we can update our files.

In case you have any suggestions, or you have made observations, while using our SPEET-WEIGHTSTM, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Thank you for choosing LookMa ® Paraphernalia SPEET-WEIGHTSTM.

We wish you safe landings.

Frank van Gelder
LookMa ® Paraphernalia
Sendenhorst, Sept. 10th, 2004

If not: none used faulty products will of course be exchanged, corrected or repaired free of charge.
Return any items only after consultation with LookMa ® and their written approval and instructions.
Please do not write your name, etc. on the address- and initials-labels, unless you are absolutely happy with your LookMa® product and you are sure that you would like to keep it.





Base weight* per foot

Extra weight* per foot

max. weight* per foot

max. weight* per set




1,5 kg
3.3 #

4 x 0,3 = 1,2 kg
4 x 0.6 # = 2.4 #

2,7 kg
5.7 #

5,4 kg
11.4 #




1,7 kg
3.75 #

5 x 0,3 = 1,5 kg
5 x 0.6 # = 3.3 #

3,2 kg
7.05 #

6,4 kg
14.11 #

*All approx. weight

Owner: ……………………………………………..…..        Country: …………………..…..………….….…

Address: ……………………………………………..…        Phone: ………………………………………..…

City: …………………………… Zip Code: …….……        Email: ………………….………………………..

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